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Pertaining to the ICS Trip:

  • CHI: Shared a bed with my teammate but she got really sick. She ended up puking on our bed, with a little getting near my side. I had to share a bed with our other teammate (the three of us were rooming together).
  • CHI: Waking up in the early morning, having to pee really bad, and turning on the bathroom lights only to see a whole bunch of creepy crawlers running for their lives. Shivers.
  • THA: Our neighborhood, and I guess the political situation living in the capital. “You must walk in a large group together at night.” No more freedom of roaming streets to discover sights, sounds, smells. Sigh.
  • THA: Taxi driver stopped under a bridge, left us in the back, and went to take a pee break! Excuse you!!! Not cool. Way not cool. Rude! That just irritates me thinking about it.
  • IND: Transition from Island 1 to resort/base camp. Having to but not being able to poop. How am I going to survive at Island 2?? Digestive system, what is going on?
  • IND: Ear infection. Water got in my right ear from mandi’ing (bathing) from the outdoor well. Infection led to pain in my jaw. It hurt to open and close my mouth, to chew. Thankfully, it literally healed right before our plane ride back home. My right ear took a little while to pop.

Though not the best situations to be in, definitely some of the most memorable.

One thing that is kind of driving me crazy is finding out that we got the chance to live with an unreached people group, as defined and determined by the Joshua Project. That just moves my heart in so many different ways that I just cannot hold it in, but I kind of have to.

"In this hour of our lives, and with the Father on our side. Forgetting all that lies behind, You find us pressing on.

One, two, three, four steps, take a little more with You. Show me one more step in the world, that’s all I need to move on.

When we follow the Spirit and wait for the Lord, we find strength for tomorrow and trust for His Word. I wanna follow you, Jesus. I wanna go with you, Jesus”

Will Reagan & United Pursuit

Dear Jesus, what adventures, near and far, will we go on? They will not come easy, but I am excited.

Tuned in. “new team, new number, new beginnings.”

If you use what you give others as something against them, do not give at all.

Dear brother, dear sister. What if I told you that you are not poor? What if I told you all you have is a blessing. What is even more is you are alive, breathing, surrounded with a community that includes various loved ones. What if I told you that I pitied you cause you did not have what I had? I thought you needed everything I have. What if I told you the things I have are some of the biggest distractions in my life? Such as my growing shoe collection. Shoes are really nice, I tell you. Could I live with just two pairs of shoes? Yes. But, somehow I struggle with the thought that I cannot. Can I tell you that I have grown past pity? And I hope you grow past pitying yourself? Can I tell you that I see you as a human? Not just another person. A living, human being with compassion and longs for peace. A human who not only understands but shows love. A human whose dependence on the Truest Love is one I may never fully have.

Being in my early-twenties and surrounded by believers, I think I am supposed to be engaged by now cause marriage is obviously the next step in life. I have been to weddings and even participated in my siblings’ weddings. However, this past weekend I got the opportunity to witness a wedding that reminded me of what marriage is all about. Knowing the bride somewhat helped, but I could just sense the two of them, each on their own, truly loved Jesus. They really wanted their marriage to be centered on Jesus. Marriage is beautiful. When the Focus of marriage is present, that is even more beautiful. Thanks A & K.

A camera is literally an instrument to help the photographer. However, it is the photographer who sees the moments in time to capture, to express through the art of light.


What couldn’t this man do? Gene Kelly tap dancing on roller skates.#movementmondays

Told mom that there are two weddings on one day next Saturday and that was her reply.

I responded that whenever he comes, I hope he wants to live overseas.

Mom: “Why did you say that?”
Me: “Because I want to share the love of Jesus.”
Mom: “Don’t you know that people move here to America, why do you want to move to a different country? You don’t love me?”
Me: “I do love you, but I love Jesus more.”
Mom: “You’re suppose to love your parents more than Jesus. Don’t you know that the pastor preaches that in order for you to enter the Kingdom, you need to first respect and love your parents?”

Hinted mom my desire to serve overseas. She hinted two months having gone was enough and that was that.

Though I do not completely agree with you, thanks mom for challenging me to seek the reasons behind my actions.


Minneapolis Starry Night  by HoneyBee Alley

When will people stop doing the chicken wing pose? In other words, hand-on-hip? I mean, I done it before, and I think it looks funny. I have quit. I am no professional poser. Be natural. A challenge to do something different.

It is the official first day of summer!!! We were blessed with a beautiful day. I hate it when it is a nice day and I am not outdoors. I have no one to spend time outdoors with besides myself…when I get my bike, I am gonna ride, ride, ride. But that’s gonna be by myself again. The weight of independence has heavily tipped the balance of company—I need a balance and I miss having it.

Remember the question I was struggling with along the lines of, “What can I do while I am at home?” Well, I was messaging a past roomie and her words spoke to me saying when you are bored, “creativity takes place.” This summer at home will be a summer of creating, a summer of projects! I’m pretty excited.